Solution 4 - Economic Power- More Money; Getting Business to HELP

Citizens Helping EACH OTHER to Restore the Middle Class and American Principles that made the USA Great.

Solution 4-Making More Money, Having more Jobs and Opportunity; Proper Small Business Stimulus; Better smarter living; Getting Big Corporations to be Loyal to America, Fighting Big Media Propaganda & Distortions.

There is absolutely NO excuse for American Citizens ALLOWING Anti-American Super Rich, Wanna-Be World Rulers, Multinational Corporations, government and Big Media -- destroy what was the most powerful money machine and pleasant place on Earth.

Citizens have taken the brunt of the Global Elites' emphasis on THEIR POWER AND MONEY

The Constitution was about prosperity and welfare and liberty for ALL Americans, not just the rich and investors.

In life, you have to Fight Bullies and Power Grabbers. Our Founders showed us and told us that.

This problem is NOT as hard as it looks. All it takes is getting back to what worked for 190 years before Free Trade, before our government serving ONLY Global Corporations became the Rage with the Elites and Friends.

The first problem and solution is ending such total control, as outlined elsewhere in this site. That control includes Big Media propaganda.
One way is EXPOSING THEM: TELL at least 4 to 10 friends to read this website thoroughly to understand what has happened.

Our Solution #2, reducing powerful wealthy influence over elections (like Obama receiving Muslim Funds) lets citizens get a few candidates in offic who will turn around such Election Buying mess. And it can open up the nomination and runnnig process, as suggested by REFORM.

One key to that Reform is to NOT GIVE ANY MONEY TO the Political Parties, period. Only to candidates pleging support for middle Americans.

Jobs, Opportunity and Small Business formation:

Another key is to open up Small Business Formation, Funding and Management guidance. A revamped SBA is one way. But if not, Citizens can do that on their own, if enough cooperate.

HALF of what was wasted on TARP ($900 BILLION) would create 5 million or more new jobs in 3 years, even allowing for many closings. But BIG Business doesn't want competition THAT's why SBA does little, plus it was a welfare program for Disadvantaged and has never updated its mission. SBA needs REPLACING. You won't see any of that happen with a Democrat President, because, like Obama, they are mostly about creation of Government & Union Jobs. That buys votes, not helping the country much.

Punish-Reward Big Corporations for Anti-American, Anti-Worker acts:

Another key is for Americans to band together to reward or punish Anti-American and Anti-small business, and "beat down workers" behavior of corporations peacefully, orderly by peaceful protest, and boycott at the Checkout Counter, and by exposing their dirty deeds, by avoiding advertisers on Big Media News stations, especially NBC,CBS and CNN. NBC is infested with CFR members, even some Anchors (and Producer of Meet the Press).


Anti-American Giant Corporations are paper tigers, like the Wizard of Oz, living from Quarter to Quarter earnings reports. PUBLICITY of how they beat down labor, avoid liability and all regulation possible and exploit people like NIKE and Clothiers did needs publicity. But the point is what they do to AMERICANS. Avoiding USA labor and backing World Trade to build a Global Government where they have more power is ANTI-AMERICAN. They need to CHOOSE sides. Publicize those lists.

Anti-American acts must be made ILLEGAL and politicians NOT allowed to take ANYTHING from power MultiNationals. If they violate that, they lose their Charters, State by State. Go play overseas, but don't sell here.

But this takes FUNDING, Uniting and Participation by YOU. SO GET GOING.

At some point emphasis might be put on selective defunding of programs that oppress citizens and stifle small and medium business. That can only be done by a combination of efforts, especially Voting Block action.

Most agree that the IMMEDIATE priority is TURNING OFF BIG MEDIA and dumping their advertisers. Some suggest NBC, owned by GE,CBS and CNN are the ones to TURN OFF. Complain to the HQ of their advertisers when you see a blatant distortion or selective omission (like not covering big grassroots patriotic events)? We don't expect perfection, but to DO THE JOB they profess to do.

Solution#7, Citizens' Legal Fund, can be used to sue when slander of Patriots, favoring of Giant Multiationals (not mentioning GE's role in Japan Nuke accident), pushing Globalism and Big Government or misrepresentations are seen, possibly.


This comes down to whether you want to actually be free. That includes from less debt, which is slavery.

The title pretty much says it all: Get some Self-Discpline. If you are every going to have economic power, it means the ability to be willing to walk from a job.

Learn to save. Drive lighter on the pedals. Wait to fill up when prices are going DOWN.

Find a good time, when your family or spouse is in a good mood, and then sit them all down and tell them this is one of the most serious things you all need to deal with, and that you will deal with it to improve your lives long term, and to KEEP YOU FREE. Tell them that people have fought for your freedom repeatedly, and all you have to do is just pay attention and know what is going on, and get a little discipline for a couple of years.

Tell them that if this works like it can, if people support it, and follow the plans and solutions, there is major hope for recovery from the downward spiral toward the Global Plantation where there are no good paying jobs.

That is what you are avoiding.

You have to hire people who work only for YOU to represent your interests effectively. That is us, United-Citizens. (You may Donate, but we can't ask you to until April 2014.)

Economic Power begins with WORK. There is NO FREE LUNCH.

  • There's usually no Get Rich Scheme, no Quick Money.
  • Start Early, work hard, work smart.
  • Find a good job or business, and work at it.
  • Become great in something in demand.
  • Follow the principles of business at
  • Save. Then save harder. Convince your family to help save, for a happier future.
  • Pay attention to Ben Franklin's wise sayings about money and frugality.
  • Listen to Clark Howard and Dave Ramsey on the Radio.
  • Don't fall for Stock Market or MLM type schemes, or selling schems.

Conclusions Regarding Importance of Economic Power:

Vote in the Marketplace! Use your dollars and absence from Anti-American companies to prove you mean business.
Learn and focus on real and basic things that people WANT, that are Scarce. Even collecting some good collectables can be a good savings method and business rolled into one.

The main thing you have to do is THINK, SPREAD THE WORD, WORK THE PLAN and get some SELF-DISCIPLINE.



Understanding the Ruling Elite and their goals to rule the world under a guise of bringing peace.

NOTE: Until April 2014, we are NOT SOLICITING funds in ANY State. We can not stop you from donating, but we are not soliciting. (Such would go to purposes of this site).

You may , but we can't ASK, yet.

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Website Goes Up
First rough draft goes up, ready for content and testing improvements.


26 July 2013 | 2 comments
Website taking shape
Website gets formatting, key evidence of Hi-Jacking of government to top of the homepage. The About Us page is expanded to tell who we are not, who we wish to expose.



“ I'm a charter contrubutor because this is long overdue. It took me 20 years to figure out how our government was taken over to use against us, and another 5 to learn that we have to all pull together and put our other differences aside into other forums for a little while. Politicians and talking heads are baiting us, and calling the good guys the bad guys. I've learned that most of the people controlling your government, who stole your government-- are FRAUDS."
- Ben D. , Chief Operating Officer of a small Corporation


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