How could the .01% HiJack Our Government ?

Helping average citizens restore their government to its purpose: to serve them--- Not a Global Corporatocracy.

Easy. With only a Few main Tools/Methods:

Control is mostly political, economic and influence. The Power Elite are super wealthy and powerful: billionaires (like George Soros), large holders and directors of multi-National Corps,powerful supporting firms (military industrial & security), owners and executives in Finance & Banking, Big media, leaders in academia, think tanks and international institutions, plus their friends, families & groupies.
Some hold key positions in government: Senators, Supreme Court justices(2), most Dept. Heads (defense, state, interior), and several governors.
That's a powerful force. -- See "Power Elite" (defined).

Their TOOLS and METHODS are Many, exploiting USEFUL IDIOTS on the Left, Schools, Colleges, Journalists and their POWERFUL Main Stream Media (MSM)-- to build STATE POWER Collectivism toward the New World Order (NWO).
That's why most GOP join Democrats in building BIG GOVERNMENT CONTROL and a Ruling Corporatocracy to be modeled on CHINA.

A summary of their Machiavellian methods below.

It's NOT a Conspiracy because they disclosed most of their plans (except Bilderberg). You just don't read much about it.

This Ruling Class of super wealthy and influential (banking, investment, politics, law, policy makers) attract a following of wanna-be's, Groupies who love to be invited to "join" this exclusive country club of power and money. Hence many of Big Media names and executives are members of this exclusive club, the CFR and others. Those who cross the Elite, go down. Those who aid them get top positions in big organizations.

Though you don't know the important executives, you know some of the names of CFR members like Brian Williams, Tom Brokaw, Bob Scheifer, and the Two Supreme Court Justices.
(CFR members hold the Swing Vote in the Court and Senate, as in Citizens United v FEC),
(That's not us, UNITED CITIZENS !!)

This was mostly planned, and the organizations' power consolidated between 1949 and 1980.
The CFR was founded in 1921 by JP Morgan, John D. Rockefeller (financier of Eugenics) and others at first to control Newspapers to control public opinion.

Its European counterparts (Chatham House) were early also. The Bilderbergers were organized in 1954 and policies set in 1966 to put down Nationalism and build NATO as the Elites' more independent Military (the 1966 meeting said NATO needed a crisis to stay strong). The Tri-Lateral Commission was founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller. The Central theme and mantra was to ensure peace by destroying all Nationalism, by whatever means as an excuse to END all power of citizens, by FALSELY blaming citizens and their Nationalism for Wars.
This FALSE PREMISE is the basis for MOST of their efforts to destroy Nations as powers--in favor of their Global Cabal.

Tyrannical crazy LEADERS start wars. EVERYBODY knows that.

Wars are started by crazy power-mad Leaders seeking more power over their people, to distract them from incompetence and enslavement. They want a place in history as some huge victor.

Such War-mongers crave MORE territory and MORE people to control, totally if possible. They create events and bogeymen, use fear (terrorism) and fan fires of nationalism to gain support for war.

The Power Elite is similar, except it uses deception and fear, cloaking some members' motives (to rule the world) in legitimacy: Causes like Peace, population control, Climate-environment protection and from terrorism (they helped cause), while they profit at every turn and build power. (Climate/carbon is a cover for depopulation.)

About 200,000 people in the USA die from bad medical care and hospitals, but you NEVER hear of a "War on Bad Medicine". yet over 20 years, we've averaged about 150 per year from Terrorism (most in 2001). We bought governments, made despots, and betrayed freedom fighters- Bin Ladin was one; Saddam another of "our guys" at first.

Over 1000 times as many die from the Elites "friends", not including Big Pharma, their best friends. Over 80% of children in foster care are on psycho-tropic drugs, which is criminal. But that's OK, its about money, like Bad Medicine. In fact, we've spent $7 TRILLION on wars and Terrorism and untold lives in Iraq, a war started on Fake information pushed by CFR Member-Director Republican Dick Cheney. Over 200,000 innocents died in that war.

So the Power Elite deceive from the start, even deceiving many of themselves that citizen nationalism is the source of all problems and that giant Multi-National corporations and their controlling a Banking-Military-Industrial complex with Spy Powers is the source of all Good. It's a LIE, like their NSA spokesmen were proven to be LYING repeatedly about unconstitutional criminal acts. Domestic spying is a created problem by letting in dangerous people. The goal is to make everything National Security. We did great for 45 years without it.

The Bilderberg plan to destroy citizen national power was secret until notes by an invitee to the first 1966 meeting were leaked by an Elderly Senator. Their main focus was END NATIONS= Nations all Bad. Build up NATO. Create International Power Centers to tell countries what to do. Their other priority was De-Population by whatever means available.

The CFR-Council on Foreign Relations plan to "erode national sovereignty" toward a Global Government was published in 1974, in Foreign Affairs, their journal. That landmark plan that they followed to the letter for 39 years resulted in the European Union and completion of most Treaties needed to consolidate power.

Top leaders, Bankers and core members from the military/security, legal and international organization portion push hardest for TOTALITARIAN MONOPOLY CONTROL (Elites are not monolithic), and use more Despotic Methods.

Here are MAIN TOOLS used to control the USA and soon the World:

  • Money - hundreds of Billions of Dollars in influence

  • Key Positions of Power - Department Heads (all) , many key Governorships, Senate (10 Senators), Supreme Court (2 of 9):

  • Key positions of Finance, Banking and the Federal Reserve.

  • Key Swing Votes - Senate and Supreme Court and President (They control legislation and funding).

  • Long term detailed Planning and Goals to Consolidate Power into being Rulers of a Global Government based on Treaties and CONTROL over governments and citizens/workers. There will be NO Middle Class in their future. Only them in the stratosphere, their technical scientific aids, and oppressed workers (those they allow to live).

  • Control of the Nominations and Political Parties

  • Propaganda: Dominant positions in Big Media and National News shows to Influence and propagandize toward their main goal.

  • Control and Focus on the Force, Arms, Power and Spying Apparatus of the USA , which along with Banking to punish anyone and any country not supporting their Trade Agreements and Legislation favoring big Corporations.

  • Baiting and influencing the public with visions of Global Harmony and Plans to "save the world" from partly created Global crisis. (this is more "Selling Protection") (There is NOTHING that cooperation between NATIONS could not accomplish as well but BETTER for individual RIGHTS.)

  • DECEPTION by Guises of Noble International Causes (you have to understand the Founder of CFR and Trilateral Commission to understand his family's power and history of being trained in power, business, trickery and PR (John D. Rockefeller-trained by William Rockefeller, the snake-oil Salesman). When you see the real motives to end the power of nations and citizens, to drug and dumb down (to not resist) and to depopulate (2 groups-the rulers and peons),to have no competition for and no power over Multi_national corporations you will understand.

  • By controlling most big Corporate Boards, Investment and Lawyers, and with people of high influence in universities and quasi-government and states, they run an Iron-Fisted policy of Promoting those who help them, and blacklisting those who don't or oppose them.

  • Propaganda in Public Schools: History has been changed to reflect minority self-esteem needs and to DEMONIZE the Founding Fathers. If they are discounted, their ideas and goals are more easily discredited. You will find LITTLE of substance about Patriotism and the Bill of Rights, why it came about, and why it is as important today as then. (How it was to protect us, and what similar threats we have to freedom today)

By all this, the Elites .001% (only 3000), their Families and Friends (30,000) and wanna-be's (200,000) run the power centers of our government, its foreign policy, all its budgeting, and main domestic and Trade (commercial) policies and Banking and Finance Practices, and control debt and the economy, as well as the military. This constantly feeds their Money-Power machines paid for mostly by Tax Payers and Consumers(you).

See quotes: (turn your sound down -- sorry) David Rockefeller thanking big Media for their 40 years of not discussing the Elite's stated plan and progress to erode national sovereignty (which appears to constitute a treasonous cabal engaging in seditious subversion of our nation in favor of their faction, friends in high finance, and foreign friends, to "put down" USA's founding principles (That's out of the dictionary)).

This was not a conspiracy as claimed by some patriots (always ridiculed by Big media), because the CFR announced in 1974 what they would do "to erode national sovereignty", and then did it, resulting in beating down labor, aiding big multinational firms to pit countries against each other for lowest safety, environmental, and other regulations and reduction of damage liability limits. They've done the same thing in almost every state of the USA. (See ALEC ).

We must explain who we are not, and who we are partly against (they are not monolithic and not entirely wrong)-- for you to understand what United Citizens really is.

Our thesis and purpose is NOT original, but merely showing that what the Framers of the Constitution and our nation warned would happen. It HAS all happened exactly as they predicted.

Our Mission

Inform and aid education of citizens in the dangers of erosion of rights and the corruption and taking over of all power over our government by crafty and highly intelligent groups who are partly right, that we can not seem to plan and govern ourselves, and that peace may require SOME interdependence of nations.

We ONLY promote solutions to large problems facing most Americans, and warn citizens to avoid infighting that we are constantly baited to our tribal tendencies while being told they are evil and dangerous in causing Nationalism. We educate that a World Corporatocracy is the END of freedom, on a Global Plantation where YOU are already being enslaved and beaten down.



Our Philosophy

Stop Fighting over religious, taxes-spending and gay issues long enough to see somebody is burning our house down. See the big picture!! You are being Baited and Misled by Lap Dog Media while the Ruling Elite steal your future and your country.


We are Against:
- Corrupt Politicians, Parties and Big Media DIVIDING us and MANIPULATING us,
- Global Government ruled by the wealthy's Corporatocracy without balance of power.

We are Against erosion of our rights and liberty by a Ruling Elite bent on being Rulers of the World through a Global Corporatocracy with published plans to erode freedoms by eroding national sovereignty by an end run around the Constitution. (Quote).



Understanding the Ruling Elite and their goals to rule the world under a guise of bringing peace & safety.

Detailed Methods Used Against You

Video How-they-do-it Overview-Collage

More about the Ruling Elite (off-site resources. Opinions of the Authors are their own)

NOTE: Until Apr. 2014, we are NOT SOLICITING funds in ANY State. We can not stop you from donating, but we are not soliciting. (Such would go to purposes of this site).

You may , but we can't Ask til April 2014.

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“ I'm a charter contributor because this is long overdue. It took me 20 years to figure out how our government was taken over to use against us, and another 5 to learn that we have to all pull together and put our other differences aside into other forums for a little while. Politicians and talking heads are baiting us, and calling the good guys the bad guys. I've learned that most of the people controlling your government, who stole your government-- are FRAUDS."
- Ben D. , Chief Operating Officer of a small Corporation


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We are YOU.

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