Solution 3 - Jury Power to Acquit; Restoring Power of the Grand Jury

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Solution 3-
Jury Power to Acquit already EXISTS;
Restore Special Grand Juries to Investigate-charge Corruption - Conflict of Interest - Review of Judges

In a time of attacks on Constitutional Rights by criminals IN Government, bad laws, paid informants, sometimes threats and coercion of witnesses, and questionable and outright criminal practices and false accusations by Federal Prosecutors and the DOJ, this information could be Exceedingly Relevant to citizens under a corrupted system.

Corruption ABOUNDS in Government, Courts, Police Forces, and in Elections

Corrupt people in government daily try to deprive our rights using official office, "under the color of law". There is NO way to deprive or scheme to deprive rights without committing a FELONY. The ONLY way to remove those rights is by a Constitutional Amendment. They are kidding themselves because WE LET THEM GET AWAY WITH CRIMES: Official Oppression and Civil Rights Violation. See Solution #7 Citizens Legal Fund. That fund would partly address this problem.

Many in Law Enforcement KNOW what is going on and DON'T like it. Sherrif Nick Finch is one, a Hero for Liberty. Sherriff Finch stood up against attempts to deprive Constitutional Rights, prevented by this HEROIC Sherrif and a HEROIC Informed Jury (Oct.31,2013).

There are THOUSANDS of laws, many bad and obsolete laws, many with no real victims. Many of these are broken into pieces to charge more counts. Too many people go to prison for 10 years for a MISTAKE, an addiction, hanging out with the wrong people, being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Many are convicted by exaggerations and their evidence is kept out. Many Federal and State Courts are corrupt and unfair. Some laws, like Obamacare are just BAD when forcing people under threat of jail.

Separately, there is massive corruption due investigation and charging, but prosecutors and the DOJ won't prosecute most officials, especially Federal wrong-doers. That means a Special Grand Jury Investigation and assignment of a Special Prosecutor may be the best solution.

Almost everyone has seen, experienced or read about rampant CORRUPTION in our Government and Courts. Prosecutors OFTEN convict and over-charge the innocent or near-innocent, and actively suppress Evidence (which is several felonies but substantially NEVER get charged). When the falsely convicted are found innocent later, Prosecutors never relent or admit mistakes (crimes).

Corruption in elections is just as bad, and Conflict of Interest now enters when members of the Senate and Supreme Court are members and supporters of what the Founder of their Elite Organizations called a "cabal" to put down American principles and soveriegnty to establish World Government, a Global Corporatocracy modeled on China (a ruling Tyranical Oligarchy of Cronies).

To understand the power of the Jury, you must look at its History

Petit and Criminal Case Juries:

The importance of Power of the Jury was recognized before the Magna Carta, in 1215, part of our "law of the Land" under organic law (law basis and origins). The Jury System was part of "Due Process" guaranteed thereafter.

Jury power to acquit was hard fought and won by Juror Edward Bushell in the trial of William Penn in 1670.

Penn was to be put to death for speaking in a non-Anglican church. Bushell voted innocent though it was proven Penn broke the bad law. Eventually a "Habeas Corpus" to the appeal court freed Bushell after he was jailed for weeks in his own excrement. The appeal court declared that a juror could not be compelled to vote any particular way.

That ruling stands today, affirmed by the Supreme Court twice. But our Court said judges do not have to inform the Masters of their "Power". A jury sits as JUDGES, a tribunal. Judges hint that a jury "should" find a defendant guilty. The ONE WORD "should" gets judges off from saying more, because of the Supreme Court rulings. But Judges DO often falsely tell the jury not to judge the law. They deceptively conceal the power of the Jury. Jurors are IGNORANT of History & the real Law.

(This is not specific legal advice for your situation. If you are a sitting juror, DO NOT use this information, and direct any questions of your situtation to the court for confirm your specific situation with a lawyer or law books.)

This controversial ruling is a virtual secret, and may be the ultimate power and protection against both bad laws and over-aggressive prosecutions. We suspect you will be lied to by Big Media about it, and judges will continue to mislead Jurors, not telling Jurors/Masters their power or the following:

(Wikipedia: "The 1895 decision in Sparf v. U.S.,[24] written by Justice John Marshall Harlan held that a trial judge has no responsibility to inform the jury of the right to nullify laws. It was a 5-4 decision. This decision, often cited, has led to a common practice by United States judges to penalize anyone who attempts to present legal argument to jurors and to declare a mistrial if such argument has been presented to them. In some states, jurors are likely to be struck from the panel during voir dire if they will not agree to accept as correct the rulings and instructions of the law as provided by the judge.[25]"

Hence this POWER appears to remain in the jury. (This is not advice to you or any jury or juror in any on-going trial. DO NOT attempt to influence, educate or advise any juror in an active trial, including other Jurors if you are sitting on a jury). Follow the Judges instructions in such regards, at all times.

To the objective observer, this appears clearly an attempt by courts to suppress knowledge and information to jurors of their power. Clearly this power of the jury to grant mercy or acquittal for any reason makes Judges very uncomfortable as taking some of their self-serving purported power to determine the law and punishments.

Grand Jury System Reform and Special Grand Juries; Access to Complaints by Citizens

This is an area where there is some precedence of Special Grand Juries being called by Grand Juries finding evidence of public Corruption. Public corruption is COMMON. There has been shown MASSIVE fraud and misuse of resources in the Military and private contractors hired. Hundreds of billions worth of supplies, food, equipment have been stolen. Payments have been made to people who don't work.

The list of corruption and bad faith is endless, going clear to the top, and including many judges who knowingly obstruct justice, mostly to avoid work and to punish pro se filers, and to prevent appeals,especially in criminal cases where Habeas Corpus is routinely dismissed without hearing or finding of facts. That is FRAUD and criminal.

Early precedent near the time of founding of the USA, grand juries would inquire upon almost anything, and complaints could be brought by anyone. That is the way it should work. But that is especially true in cases of complaints of corruption and unequal treatment and knowing disregard for law, not uncommon by judges.

These corrupt officials make a mockery of the law. Without reliable courts there is NO law. The rule of law is dead. The only solution is Citizens establishing review and inquiry.

The power of a grand jury is broad and great, but usually co-opted by Prosecutors, with aid of (guess) Judges. Apparently a Grand Jury has the power to run itself, which is called a "run away grand jury", which sounds like citizens doing their job.

We personally feel that prosecutors are NOT to be trusted at least half the time. They essentially direct the jury to give them what they want. A fair inquiry would include hearing both sides and testing some of the evidence brought, but prosecutors apparently do not want that. They do not want to be questioned in any way, because also they are not liable for anything they do, except criminally.

We understand that grand jury could, upon learning of such conduct, indict the prosecutor or judge who is trying to give an incomplete story, that is deception by omission, which is SEVERAL major crimes (obstruction, deprivation of Constitutional rights, Fraud, jury tampering, and likely obstruction or tampering with evidence, and official oppression (it is theft of salaries as well), and may be false charging to defraud the accused, to kidnap them (in prison).
Nobody will ever tell you that, because that might bust up their corrupt game of helping each other railroad people to prison. It's an Industry of Lawyers. They protect each other, as do Police who commit crimes and often lie on the witness stand. This is COMMON.

Hopefully citizens will teach each other and wise up to their power and use it, in the Grand juries.

If every citizen simply decided it is time to restore integrity to government and return it to as intended, by telling just 4 to 10 friends about this site, and helping us, this country would change within a few years to a MUCH better place.

Conclusions Regarding Importance of Jury Power:

If you read that, it is evident throughout that juries have been misled by courts, and that corruption needs to be investigated and charged. Government criminals need to be accountable in a courtroom.

And bad conduct needs to be complained upon. Basically the Balance of Power needs to be returned IN FAVOR of the PEOPLE themselves, directly.

So that's the way you do it, Solution #3. Use their methods against them, and EXPOSE their methods used against Americans to control the government toward Un-American actions and undermining our Founding Principles (which may constitute a crime of subversive Sedition, or AT LEAST undue influence and Conflict of Interest, especially in the Supreme Court).



Understanding the Ruling Elite and their goals to rule the world under a guise of bringing peace.

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