Solutions #6+ - Rewarding People who work FOR middle Americans

Citizens Helping EACH OTHER to Restore the Middle Class and American Principles that made us Great.

Other Methods to Restore Americans' Power - Putting Incentives into Government; Legal Defense fund for Whistleblowers; Educating the public-Exposing Corruption, and more..

Until our Government becomes less like the Old Soviet Union, Citizens will have Little Power;--- Solutions Abound

Accountabilty: Reward & Punishment
Come to Government & Abusers of Power

Most solutions relate to getting Public Servants and Representatives to actually do their jobs, and rewarding them well ONLY WHEN they do so, instead of most being FRAUDS working for the Powerful and each other.

Hire people who work only for YOU to represent your interests effectively. That is United-Citizens, when the time comes.

6.1) Fund ONLY Candidates Pledged and Bonded to REFORM: Election Funding, less Party Control

As in Solution #1, be sure your Representative Pledges to support YOU, ONLY Average Americans - Every other Group has their powerful advocates and benefactors.

The poor and disadvantaged have their advocates AND Poverty Pimps in Congress promising YOUR Money for Votes, in essence. The rich certainly have near total dominance by their Election and Influence-buying and enticements to become Rulers of the World (Cronyism by Corporatocracy) (otherwise known as Fascism).


For a while, quit falling so hard for "OOOH Poor little Poor People."
YOU have become the poor people (compared to good times).

6.2) Reward Profits and Investment in USA

Let the SUPER WEALTHY, Mega-Banks and Multi-National Mega-Corps carry a little more: Alternative Minimum Tax like everybody else (NO Loopholes, deferring, etc.).
Around 15% Tax on Global Profits or 2% on Global Assets,
but HALF THAT as alt. Min. for Income & Assets in USA.
After all, Job Exports and Risky Bank conduct CAUSED most of the RECENT PROBLEM! (Housing crisis, Jobs Exported, etc.)

The Best Welfare Program is a GOOD JOB!

We have to find a BALANCE that favors USA & Workers SOME. Walmart heirs now have more wealth than the bottom 42 percent of Americans, yet Walmart helped put Tens of THOUSANDS of businesses out of business, and about two million American Workers out of jobs (most products from China). That's gone TOO far.

6.3) Expose and Punish Corruption.
Reward Good Journalism & Whistleblowers
Aid Legal Challenge of Constitutional Violations.

It's time to REWARD exposure of Corruption. WE have to Do it.
It will SAVE us far more than Costs us!
Our government has too many corrupt people on the take, much collusions and theft, many legislators and bureaucrats who don't do much work and management that mostly builds turf (maybe you've never worked for a government funded organization but that IS they way it is).

It's why we have 1000 Admirals for 375 surface combat ships, though we had 350 Admirals for 3500 combant ships in WW 2.

Waste and fraud, corruption and misuse of resources, theft of salaries are ALL subject to Criminal prosecution and firing IF whistleblowers are AIDED legally.

(This is NOT encouraging ANY revealing of information VITAL to national security against Foreign enemies and foreign dangerous persons, which is the Province of the Defense Department, a major function under the Constitution).

Many laws exist which ALMOST encourage reporting of fraud, and waste in government, but those laws go unused because the protections are not strong enough, (it's why Snowden says he could not use internal process) legal advocacy is not strong enough and COURTS and the DOJ of the United States are mostly FRAUDS and often do not follow the law.

Instead of actually encouraging reporting of misconduct and misuse of resources, they discourage it. The laws are unrealistic, usually encouraging taking claims directly first to those who committed wrongs, and then going through channels (where supervisors don't want it exposed) and then bringing a major law case, and knowing numberous complex rules or your case is ruined.

DOJ has too much discretion and avoids taking up the cases that whistleblowers bring. The law says the government MAY take up the case on behalf of a case brought by a whistleblower. That needs reform to "SHALL take up", not "MAY", unless a thorough report is made as to why the case is frivolous or can not be supported by evidence, after pre-case discovery is run.

A large Fund to REWARD GOOD JOURNALISM Exposing Government Corruption and Acts against the Public Interest-Majority of Citizens, judged by a rotating panel of 24 Citizen Judges-Cross Section of public, like a Jury, paid for their time.

As in Solution #3, Citizen access to file Public Corruption Complaints to Grand Juries

6.4) Reward Those in Government Who Help Americans

Pay for Performance: We need strong behavior incentives for ALL in government, especially Congressional and Senate Representatives.

Congress & Senate are on the Take because we make Corruption PAY BIG. They Ruin our Way of Life & Cost us $5 Trillion/decade in waste & untold Lives in Wars they help start.
Is it worth 0.1% of that to Reward Helping Us? Of Course. And they'd get NOTHING when they screw up. THAT's Incentives.

Above-Average Joe/Jane Blow Genius might run for office to actually DO THE JOB!

Especially Representatives' Pensions must be TIED to their Actions: By QOL -
A QUALITY OF LIFE INDEX, pegged on RESULTS 2-10 years out from date of service.
  • One Key is putting PAY in hands of CITIZENS, based on measurable Factors from mostly AFTER* the laws they pass are in effect over a year (takes 2yrs).
  • The other key is Quality Information (what are they hiding) and Quality non-tamperable Indexes/ Indicators.

* Some are proposing an additional real-time compensation control based on Voter Ratings at about 6 month intervals. This immediate reward/punishment needs study. Problems are quality of information to rate, and turnout. A small active group might dominate compared to those working more or busier, for example. We think this beats what we do now. About HALF of pay (not pension) could be by this method. Base pay would be 80% of now (it's expensive for a poor rep to go & live in DC, etc.) That would allow up to 180% of current pay if doing a super job. (Scale 1-10 on key Factors). Might add a NO CONFIDENCE vote that Terminates ALL their pay.

Representatives HIDE favors to special interest groups, cronies,friends, other politicians(state) and powerful government departments (ie: Pro-Military TX Rep Sam Johnson hides 234 golf courses and 3500 Admirals for 375 Surface ships--WEAKENS our military).

Pension Accountability defeats these deceptions. (Example: If key defense measures improve over 6 years (leaner, meaner,morale up), focused on weapons,combat troops, Morale, training, logistics, national defense/shielding our borders (anti-missle umbrella) while cost goes DOWN or not up,-- then Rep gets more pension.) If Gov't shrinks & QOL goes Up, they get more.

Citizens must REQUIRE funding for at least a rotating Citizen Oversight & Compensation Commission randomly-selected and Paid for their time (more than Juries). Quality of Life Index has to be well-designed and approved by voters. (No depending only on changing fake Gov't indexes like Cost of Living & Labor). Funds for experts must be included.
This Commission Rates the QOL Factors Status, yearly. Takes about a month.

Special meetings or Compensation Court might be called to TERMINATE the pension of Reps/Dept Heads found to have Deceived the People, and FINE THEM!.

This REWARD/Punishment needs to be LARGE, to reward acts for ALL the people.
Corruption pays big. This has to COMPETE with Corruption.

Compared to the VALUE upon our HUGE economy and lives, we should approach 0.1% of the GNP and Value among the approximate 600 main officials in Federal Government, as a MANAGEMENT FUNCTION, just like any Corporation.

When a corporation sells $1 billion per year, they pay executives about $20 million = 2%.

We would reward Congress and Dept Heads (maybe bonuses to workers) with 1/20th the Going Rate for Management. Good Management is WELL WORTH THAT !!!
Instead of Temptation for Corruption. Substitute REAL MONEY for REAL PERFORMANCE. Admittedly, this design needs study and tweaking:

  • Pension: Normally about ZERO to $12 million per year each (likely not good enough to get max)
  • $25 million Maximum per year per Representative IF they did their job super.
  • About half of the Pension is pegged to the index, the other half would be IF they supported successful policies, programs.
  • It needs to be pro-rated to those responsible for bringing or halting legistlation/initiative that resulted in a HIGHER QUALITY OF LIFE for Middle Americans (responsibility by Legistlator within the QOL Index Fund allocated by Commission of Citizens annually, with a base Pension for those supporting what appears to have worked well. If the QOL Index goes up.
  • Behavioral incentives work both ways: Even opposers get some, but much smaller allocation. Those who opposed what was shown to improve quality of life (in Public Court Hearings), can get incentives not exceeding 10% of the base of those supporting what aided the QOL (to accomodate error in the QOL responsibility allocations)
  • If the Quality of Life goes Down (including environment), on the basis of acts or omissions by Congress, as a whole they get NOTHING in those years out, for a pension
    (they SHOULD owe us their salaries back).

This could all be debated to iron out details,equities and workability. We'll do Surveys to tweak it.

Conclusions Regarding Other Means to Solve Middle Class Problems:

We all scream about fairness and rewards for efforts and ability, but we do not put that in practice in the least in government. Corporations have ways of measuring performance. American needs the same.

Managment of American is MORE important than management of Corporations, yet we do it like IDIOTS. We are talking about standard behavioral psychology here. This is NOT rocket science.

Reward Congress and Senate in the Out years, when we KNOW what the results are. Stop whining about unfair Congressional Pensions. TAKE CONTROL OF THEM. MAKE them ACCOUNTABLE. Finally make it WORTHWHILE TO FIGHT FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, instead of GLOBALIST MEGA CORPS and their Powerful rich Friends.

Understanding the Ruling Elite and their goals to rule the world under a guise of bringing peace.

NOTE: Until April 2014, we are NOT SOLICITING funds in ANY State. We can not stop you from donating, but we are not soliciting. (Such would go to purposes of this site).

you can but we can't Ask you till April 2014.

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