Don't Let Big Media Lapdogs and Politicians Divide Us

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How and Why Big Media, Politicians and the Parties Divide Us, and play to Extremists


It is all about Power, Money and Control, and being part of the Rulers of the World.

STOP LETTING THEM DIVIDE US to Distract Us while they Burn our House Down.


They do it because everyone wants to be pals with Rulers of the World, and they are Scared Not to

Politicians and Talking Heads SELL DIVISION - conflict.
That is THEIR JOB.

The motives are many. Some actually believe that the world will be better with governments and people under control of a Ruling Princely Cabal of Wealthy, Intelligent Elite, "helping" the world with productive corporations to supersede naive people in countries like the USA which they consider a failure of the experiment of democracy as a way to govern the World.

They have stated their goal is a New World Order modeled on CHINA, and that mega-Corps should have sovereignty like Nations (recent statement by Director of the CFR).

Elites pretend to debate policy, but operate by GroupThink. They pressure politicians, media people and social/wealth climbers. The careers of those who disagree come to a dead-end or are fired. And they're no longer invited to parties of rich and powerful of the World. Politicians, Media people and Corporate heads are collaborators and mere "Groupies" to the real Power, Money and Influence. Think Tank People work for them, helping set national and global policies for Global Empire.

They're main goal is CONTROL of the masses. Power is the drug of Choice for most; Power and Money that of others. They get control by Sophisticated Methods. The main Method is to Dumb Down, use Propagandize, and DIVIDE citizens.

This all SERVES a modern sophisticated Colonialism under a guise of "interdependence for Peace" and spreading prosperity--- because you peons are dangerous with your "Nationalism" (ie: Love of your country and Freedoms (some Groupies of Power sincerely believe MORE interdependence for peace is the only way to maintain peace (look how it turned out with the EU, Ukraine and Russia).

Liberal Elites have been wrong before, but think THEY always know best, if it agrees with what their first King, David Rockefeller envisioned for World Government.

But they did not argue against a missle umbrella over California when North Korea started threatening USA. They are NOT monolithic

United Citizens promotes a strong defense around the border as insurance against these CFR "bet the ranch" for self-gain policies that weaken economic and political power of USA's citizens, and often favor unilateral disarmament, certainly citizen disarmament..

What's the problem with their vision, you ask? You will be a slave. There is no balance of power, which the Founders of American knew was necessary to stop Tyrants from taking everything they can to control you.

Since you may not believe most of this, you need to read what David Rockefeller Wrote in his Memoirs (read first 2 lines and last line carefully), and did and said at various times. This is important to PROVE who really leads our country. (More from his Memoirs. ) And here he thanks Big Media for not publicizing his 40 year plan to One World Government.

And if you have not paid attention to the backdrop every Sunday morning on Meet the Press or similar shows, you will see David Rockefeller's CFR emblems in the background as members of HIS organization are the Mouth pieces for actual Policies, like the attacks on Eric Snowden and policies in the Middle East and regarding China and N. Korea.

Media control began long ago, and continues under CFR members. Note the Backdrop of discussion with big media heads, Council on Foreign Relations. So another reason Media work to Divide us, is that the big Media are Part of the group who seeks to reduce American Citizen power, as a means to reduce American Sovereignty and cultural and national identity.

If you do not get upset that people want to enslave you, manipulate you, propagandize you, and take most of your power and money and jobs, then what DOES it take to get your attention? You would be the new "Sheeple".

Big Media Lapdogs and the Press (Presstitutes) clamor for attention of the most powerful and wealthy, and always suck up to power and play to the extremists in Citizen Groups, because they want a SHOW.

They, like the Political Parties and Politicians SELL DIVISION. Divisiveness is their bread and butter, because conflict sells. It plays to our Tribal nature while at the same time the CFR and others condemn that very nature. In other words the Media and Politicians are HYPOCRITES. That is the most Flattering thing to be said about most of them.

Politicians are mostly Whores, Clowns, Lawyers, and Brainless Power Hungry Wanna-Be's So they play right into the hands of those, and some of them ARE CFR members.



Our Philosophy

Get a Plan; WORK it. Give NOTHING to the Parties- Only to Reformers. Learn who seeks to RULE YOU, who hi-jacked USA long ago, moving to END GAME.




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“ I'm a charter contributor because this is long overdue. It took me 20 years to figure out how our government was taken over to use against us, and another 5 to learn that we have to all pull together and put our other differences aside into other forums for a little while. Politicians and talking heads are baiting us, and calling the good guys the bad guys. I've learned that most of the people controlling your government, who stole your government-- are FRAUDS."
- Ben D., Chief Operating Officer, small corporation


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