How to Identify Sheeple

Returning Citizen POWER by Peaceful Plans for ACTION, not just Complaining.

Sheeple are Ignorant, Misinformed, Negligent, Manipulated, Apathetic, Biased Citizens who fail at their job of "self-Governance".

Not only Socialism and Growing unaccountable Government Power,--- but also Sheeple are ruining America.
KNOW how to identify Sheeple, educate others, and DON'T BE ONE! (you may not realize you are)

Look around. Look for these characteristics. (Like in the classic SciFi movie "Body Snatchers" where pods took over people with glazed absent eyes).
And do a self-evaluation--- Do you have any of these tell-tale signs?

How to spot SHEEPLE:

Over 99% of Americans, even the majority of Conservatives and Patriots*,--- are Sheeple.

What is a Sheeple, and how to spot them: They

  • 1) are largely uninformed on the most important issues, such as who manipulates them
    and how they do so;

  • 2) are followers of usually flamboyant inflammatory divisive leaders (their group);

  • 3) do little to change the status quote except vote (hoping for a different outcome, being betrayed as both Parties build Power and Govt.);

  • 4) mostly just complain and then vote in the rigged system;

  • 5) are preoccupied with trivia, sports, social media, consumer crap, personal issues and over-stressed with finances/job, fear of government, etc.;

  • 6) are suckered by sellers of Conflict and Division to focus on things they have no power over, to be kept fighting and distracted while Elites steal their Nation, Rights and Power;;

  • 7) seldom contribute to unified citizen causes (liberals contribute more per capita to their causes and legal defense funds)(Most patriots will have $40,000 in vehicle, gear, cycle, guns, entertainment equipment,-- but not give $100 to defend themselves politically/legally);

  • 8) blindly accept the “common wisdom” of their group (often partly right, but myopic);

  • 9) seldom carefully investigate behind the scenes (they are not careful enough of the truth/accuracy, quality and completeness of information);

  • 10) usually lack Critical thinking skills as long-lamented by educators (who contributed to the problem).
    Critical thinking is the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action.;

  • 11) accept one of the main-stream Media News Outlets (MSM) as being accurate, reliable and complete (when all contain manipulative distortions and deceptive omissions… to “guide” public opinion);

  • 12) have a simplistic two-dimensional view about “all business”, their Party, other political persuasions (this is known as dichotomous, tribal, totally one-sided biased thinking);

  • 13) know little about their heritage, history, their constitution and warnings of the Founders (Patriots score higher on this, not high enough);

  • 14) know little to nothing about the history, goals, methods and writings of the “Power Elite” and Establishment that runs USA, UK and Europe near-totally, with goals to rule the world and destroy "nationalism";

  • 15) don't have and never had any Plan to change the status quo (much less a good plan);

  • 16) have little real knowledge of Law (Law is how big things really get changed, done and settled) (most Patriots knowledge of law is often superficial, often based on urban legal legends and at best ineffective);

  • 17) have no real representation (rely on the Party, get betrayed) unlike a few smaller groups who make great strides by strong law suits (Environmentalists, Gays, Blacks, Jews, Labor (not lately));

  • 18) have an incomplete and extreme view of "conspiracy" theories, baited to wild statements so they can be easily-ridiculed;
    (Organizations like the CFR, Business Round Table, Tri-Lateral Commission, Chatham House (England) are neither monolithic nor totally bad
    (can't say the same for Bilderburgers and ALEC);

  • 19) constantly think “inside the box” without any thought of crawling out of the box.
    That is, they keep doing the same thing for decades and get the same result, then wonder why nothing changes. (If not the definition of insanity, comes close to definition of “moronic”);

  • YOU need to educate people on this, SOON. Your nation, rights and power are NEAR GONE, a couple of short years until Global organizations and Elites WILL TOTALLY RULE YOU.

    Stop the ZOMBIE SHEEPLE PLAGUE, before it ENDS us.

    - - - - - - - - - - -

    * Special Message to wanna-be Patriots:

    Patriots like George Washington, Patrick Henry, James Madison, Hamilton, Adams, Franklin, Jefferson--- were HIGHLY EDUCATED, well-informed, almost-lawyers (or actual), scientific, creative, intelligent and willing to discuss and plan carefully.
    Patriots too often fail those Virtues. They're more like wanna-be's.

    Holding yourself out as Patriots, you have a higher duty to perform, learn and critically think, which often you fail, often being more like a "Church of Malcontents", with strident, often legally-unfounded wild assertions, making everything a wild conspiracy, holier-than-thou proselytizing and gun-waving when you lose-- which wins you NO converts, brings ridicule, and endangers us all. You become more isolated, strident and frustrated... in a vicious cycle. Most "take the bait" of division, some urge to arms, and make more wild statements that destroy credibility.
    You, like the Tea Party, REALLY need a seasoned PR firm and some strong intelligent thoughtful, highly educated (law, history, Public relations, political science) leadership.

    You are BEING SUCKERED. You're taking the bait, Hook line and SINKER!

    Much of the bad reaction from Police/ Law Enforcement is YOUR FAULT.. you've GONE BACKWARDS, NOT adding patriots.. HURTING reputation of most patriots who are pro-law and order and rule of law. "Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice".. but sometimes it is. You need MORE intelligent thoughtful leaders, not saber-rattlers/ anarchists at heart.

    You need self-policing / policy RULES, and to follow them to improve your image and defuse the SPLC-type reactions (if you don't know who that is, and you call yourself a patriot, you have self-indicted yourself as a Sheeple).

    You have no excuses for such poor results (and LOSING to LOSERS). Martin Luther King had it way worse, but accomplished MUCH more. He won by pure cause, simple message, pure method, strong leadership, unite, training, policies (peaceful non-resistance.-- It CONFOUNDS the Police-State and Power Elite).

    Police your own. Do more research. Find common ground with other citizens. Stop trying to force your beliefs on others or claiming everything happening is "God's Punishment" like the Westboro Baptist Church. It isn't working and you feel more isolated and "special" (well aren't we special).

    We love and admire your principles dedicated to Liberty and Rights, but not your attitude, looseness with accuracy (constant wild rumors). You need to REFORM and unify with others. Add to ranks (military, police, etc.) Stop alienating so many whom you need to help you "to get things done!"

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    Understanding the Ruling Elite and their goals to rule the world under a guise of bringing peace.

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