Solutions for Citizens Control of Government

Your Government is to serve YOU For the People- Not a Global Corporatocracy.

How do you get Power Back?
  • UNITE in Purpose,
  • GET a PLAN - See Solutions BELOW,
  • Work the Plan.


Big Media and Parties SELL DIVISION (Working for Super-Elites). They
DIVIDE us TO KEEP OUR EYES OFF THE PRIZE: Your Nation, Rights & Prosperity, as they
Subvert USA to Global Rule and TAKE RIGHTS.

Don't fall for the Staged Fight, pre-selected top leaders who pay no attention to you when elected. United Citizens is independent, non-partisan against the corrupt Parties duopoly actually run by the Super Elites and Eastern Establishment - NOT citizens.
Parties are mostly a way to FOOL YOU.

We seek to EXPOSE corruption & show the problem, and the Culprits.

SOLUTIONS to return Power to the people:

Solutions based on Rights & Powers Citizens have & should learn to Develop - pairing Modern Tools with existing legal & Political power and Framers' Intent.

What the Framers warned... HAS happened:
  • They said if we were not Vigilant, we would LOSE our rights;
  • They said trust not in men, but chain them by the Constitution;
  • They said do not give up liberty for a little temporary safety (NSA Spying);
  • They said power grabs of rights would never be given back.


The BIGGEST Part of Solutions is is to BE INFORMED & EDUCATE OTHERS, temporarily STOP FALLING for Bait to DIVIDE us to Argue, polarizing while they Take the PRIZE-- your Nation! (They use Divide & Conquer)
  • Know WHO runs the country!
  • Know their Goals.
  • Understand HOW they operate.
  • Look for patterns of Self-Interest in Great-sounding Causes with ulterior motives of POWER & MONEY.
  • Look for DISINFORMATION & Propaganda from Big Media and groups and Institutions who support the Ruling Elite.
  • Temporarily STOP (reduce) ARGUING Religion, Sex and Spending long enough to KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE.
    Right now Nothing you Say has any POWER anyway. Get it?

Study methods used against you-You have NO idea how you are manipulated to be enslaved.

Solutions for Americans - get back your Power:

Middle American Voting Block: Voter power by independence with solidarity for candidates who pledge help for Middle Americans

More Info

To Publicly-Funded, No Party Control, Anyone with signatures, 5 Stages,like League of Women Voters, Disclosure of Influence

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Power to Acquit for ANY reason-We HAVE; Power to call Grand Jury to investigate Corruption (Self-policing doesn't work); End of Prosecutor Control. Prosecutor accountability.

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Small Business Incentives/ stimulus. Enforce Corporate duties to Commonwealth /End Legislation-writing; Repeal if influenced- Charter loss for graft-deception-harm to USA. Citizen Earning/Saving Power -

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Restoration of Habeas Corpus in ALL Citizen cases. Judicial Misconduct-Citizen Review; No Court Fees. No Dismissals of Pro Se Petition without hearing and findings by a JURY.

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Pay for Performance! Gov't Pensions by Quality of Life Index; Whistleblowers & Reporters Legal Defense Fund-Big Bonus if find Misconduct or Acts against USA's Principles / Citizens.

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Strong Legal Arm to Defend American Founding Principles-Challenge Unconstitutional acts, Compel Duties by Mandamus/Injunctions, expose Misuse of Resources, Misconduct Complaints .

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End Propaganda! Freedom News Reporting Unbiased Pro-Citizen News, High Speed Alerts & Vital & Secure Information & Communications Network

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State Power is MORE than Officials Let on. States have MANY powers that State Leaders don't use - such as Power to Charge State Crimes

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Our Mission

Inform and aid education of citizens in the dangers of erosion of rights and the corruption and taking over of all power over our government by crafty and highly intelligent groups who are partly right, that we can not seem to plan and govern ourselves, and that peace may require SOME interdependence of nations.



Our Philosophy

Stop Fighting over religious, tax/spending and gay issues long enough to see somebody is burning our house down. (You don't have any say in it anyway.) See the big picture!! You are being Baited and Misled by Lap Dog Media while the Ruling Elite steal your future and your country.


We are Against:
- Corrupt Politicians, Parties and Big Media DIVIDING us and MANIPULATING us,
- Global Government ruled by the wealthy's Corporatocracy without balance of power.

  • Patriotic, believing in the Principles of the United States and Framer's Intent
  • An "Americans First" organization (we saved the world for 70+ years-cut us a break)
  • For America being a shining example on the hill for other countries
    • to aspire to,
    • to have strong constitutions, rights and protections for their people,
    • with responsive efficient government.
  • For a strong national defense around our BORDERS, with a super missile defense umbrella.
  • For strong borders. We do NOT want to be part of Mexico, the stated plan of powerful David Rockefeller to be a North American Union.
We are Against erosion of our rights and liberty by a Ruling Elite bent on being Rulers of the World through a Global Corporatocracy with published plans to erode freedoms by eroding national sovereignty by an end run around the Constitution. (Quote).



You can voluntarily (unsolicited) Donate now but we can't ASK you till April 2014.

We are for Workers, Independents, Small Business owners, Middle Class, those disaffected-disillusioned by Politicians & Parties picture Click detailed chart.
We are FOR ANYONE who believes in America.
We come like Ben Franklin who printed truth and united people for a Great Cause (a Statesman).
We are NOT Anti-Business ! - Not a PAC
We are Anti-Violence.
We are NOT tax protesters.
But think the tax system stinks.

We ...
love our government and Constitution,

admire our Military & Servicemen/women,

oppose corruption of our government,

appreciate small and medium business,

appreciate Pro-American Big businesses,

support workers and producers,


We have proof Big Media is corrupted-controlled.

We're Ex-Republican, Ex-Democrat Independents.

We want efficient government responsive to the people as intended by the Framers.


United Citizens (is for people)
is NOT
Citizens United (is more pro-Big Corporations).

Citizens United was aided by the Kock Brothers and 25 other billionaires, and seems to have anti-regulation, anti-corporate accountability and anti-poor/protester positions.

IT APPEARS to some that:
Citizens United promotes a "trickle down" approach where Big Business is the answer and people who can't find jobs are the problem.

Citizens United is known for winning a Court case claiming Corporations are Persons with right to influence elections (ie: has free speech).

(We are unsure whether that means ALL Corporations as distinguished from Non-Profit public-interest corporations.)

News at United Citizens

23 July 2013 | 5 comments
Website Goes Up
First rough draft goes up, ready for content and testing improvements.


26 July 2013 | 2 comments
Website taking shape
Website gets formatting, key evidence of Hi-Jacking of government to top of the homepage. The About Us page is expanded to tell who we are not, who we wish to expose.



“ I'm a charter contributor because this is long overdue. It took me 20 years to figure out how our government was taken over to use against us, and another 5 to learn that we have to all pull together and put our other differences aside into other forums for a little while. Politicians and talking heads are baiting us, and calling the good guys the bad guys. I've learned that most of the people controlling your government, who stole your government-- are FRAUDS."
- Ben D. , Chief Operating Officer of a small Corporation


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