Solution 1 - Swing Voting Block Solidarity for the Candidate

Citizens Helping EACH OTHER to Restore the Middle Class and American Principles that made the USA Great.


A Voting Block for a SWING VOTE for Candidates pledging support for Average Americans -- VOTE FOR THE PERSON - Support ONLY REFORMERS.

Give NOTHING to the parties. Vote for anyone who will bring back
middle Americans, who carried a heavy yoke for 90 years.

Build a SWING VOTING BLOCK, towards a Middle Class PARTY (a COALITION) in 2020 or 2024.
A VOTING BLOCK is King Maker- and WILL get CONCESSIONS from GOP (and DEMS,to not lose Voters).

Parties understand NOTHING but Money & PRESSURE. Like Bad Employees who STOLE, LIED, Helped Competitors but Show up payday with a smile to FOOL YOU.
Prepare to FIRE THEM & Let them KNOW.

This Power Method requires SOLIDARITY & UNDERSTANDING of TACTICS, & prior agreement of what's Required for Votes & to commit together.
CITIZEN POWER comes from Party FEAR of Losing. They will do almost ANYTHING to win.

  • 200 at the Alamo, Texas - HELD OUT - STOOD THEIR GROUND
  • 1 Man Saved the WORLD in 1963 when he - STOOD HIS GROUND (Russian Sub Commander refused to fire Nuclear Torpedoes).
  • 1 Man stopped a line of Tanks at Tienaman Square China
  • SOLIDARITY won FREEDOM in Czechoslovakia , when Labor Unions stood ground against Communism.

Alexander the Great conquered the known world by age of 30, because his army was COORDINATED & well-led. It's the same with VOTE Power.


At least generate FEAR in GOP/DEMS that it MIGHT spoil their chances if no concessions.
In close elections like 2013 Va Governors race, 5% Libertarians were SPOILERS. A MIDDLE AMERICAN VOTING BLOCK CAN BE-- KINGMAKER OR SPOILER.

GOP will not tell you HOW MUCH they care about winning, about what happened in VA, how it hurt GOP Leadership credibility. They CARE about WINNING, about Power. They will do ANYTHING to get a Voting Block Vote. (But won't tell you that).

GOP takes Conservatives for Granted, like DEMS take Liberals FOR GRANTED!! But NEITHER represents the Middle Class!!
Parties pander for votes for 6 months then drop you like John Belushi dropped Carrie Fisher in Blues Brothers. They are like an employee who stole, liked, helped the competition for 30 years then shows up smiling for their check every time.

When parties are SO Extreme, it's easy to draw the disaffected. It's as much about causing the other side's voters to lose enthusiasm, not vote, or rarely even change sides.

Hence that is ALL the POWER. All you have to do is UNITE, Plan, and Cooperate to Get SOMETHING for your vote, or Vote STRONG PLATFORM of DEMANDS for VOTE.
ie: Requires STRONG UNITY, Good communications. Resonable Demands. Give to Get. Conservatives have FAILED on that, repeatedly.

A strong Factor in FAVOR of this is to ALSO DRAW VOTES FROM DEMS ranks, those who DON'T want COMMUNIISM.
That weakens DEMS as well, so DEMS will be as much or MORE afraid of losing ,and MAY YIELD to becoming More Supportive of the Middle Class.

CLASS WAR was declared on you; -- Understand Their Methods Against you

LEARN the power of the Swing Vote. It has been used against Citizens by The Shadow Rulers, in the Senate and Supreme Court (and in crucial State, Treasury, Military and Security agencies, PACKING of officers who run policy).

You must know history, and that Class Warfare was long ago declared on Average Americans and workers.

In 1974, the CFR declared war on USA's founding principles and Founders' Intent of a strong independent Nation for the good and prosperity of ALL the people. Super Elites followed such 1974 plan toward a Global Corporatocracy to Rule the World, known as the New World Order (NWO). The REAL Goal: Their "type", Super Rich and Powerful-- are to be Rulers of the World in a Ruling Oligarchy MODELED ON CHINA.

The GOAL is a modern Colonialism to CONTROL and exploit labor, people and resources to Rulers' benefit, while reducing Citizen, Labor and Nation's Power. They use every excuse to "come as Protector", under trade, environment, weapons, resources and "standards" agreements. TREATIES are their key Power, equal to our Constitution (one of the few flaws-a loophole in it) being EXPLOITED. (Like a HACKER).

Their method is to Control Governments and populations by Trade Treaties that supercede constitutions to nullify the power of the Constitution. Their stated goal was to "attack" national sovereignty and the Constitution "by an end run" around sovereignty. That is a QUOTE of what they said and then DID.
Warren Buffet said publicly that there is a class war and his side, the wealthy, were winning.

Only Against TRAITORS to Founding Principles & the Common Good.

There has always been a "Class War" against Citizens and Labor by Corporations and "Robber Barons", like those like Rockefeller who began and continued to push this war after their Monopolies were PARTLY broken up by "Trust Buster" Teddy Roosevelt (in fact their fortunes and power survived). John D. Rockefeller was trained well by his Snake Oil Salesman Father (true) to BUILD MONOPOLIES.
The SHADOW RULERS ARE MONOPOLY MEN. They want ONE GOVERNMENT, No Balance of Power, them as absolute Rulers. The know how to UNITE among themselves, plan and control.

Those Ruthless Tycoons were J.P Morgan, John D. Rockefeller (owner CFI coal Mine- Ludlow MASSACRE) and the European Rothschild family originally of Germany, and others in high finance, monopolies, big business and rackets.

WARNING: The more you examine this, the worse it gets. The next link is Deeply Disturbing.
DO NOT WATCH unless you're ready for a different view of reality and of the people who Rule YOU.

An underlying philosophy of the Elite is their superiority, from which the concealed philosophy of eugenics continues to this day.

(Watch the history of these people to really understand their nature and methods, using Governments against people and manipulating markets by power and even placing spies inside secure government intelligence centers. (See Rothschild England, Napoleonic War ))

Your opponents in the Class War use every means at their disposal, plus major planning, study and infiltration of high offices of government ...

to outsmart you and manipulate the Election process, influence elections and CONTROL THE SENATE and SUPREME COURT by their "Swing Vote".

The CFR has 10 members in the Senate (of 100) and 3 in the Supreme Court (of 9) and ALL major Federal Department heads. All presidents since Eisenhower have either been part of CFR "study groups", members or in the sister organization, the Tri-Lateral Commission (Jimmy Carter). Both the CFR and TriLateral Commission were started and run by David Rockefeller, grandson of Ruthless Robber Baron John D. Rockefeller (See videos of his control of Federal troops murdering laborers and protesters).

David Rockefeller openly admitted he was part of a "cabal" acting against the United States to establish World Government. (His own words in his Memoirs) He is/was so powerful that he fears NO ONE by admitting that.


One of their main methods of control is the "Swing Vote" in the Senate and Supreme Court, and similarly that of high officials in Agencies. Because they ARE NOT monolithic and do not always vote together (but often), they must have more than 5% of their members in these positions to control most votes.

The power of the SWING VOTE is that those voting have DOUBLE power when used with Solidarity. SOLIDARITY is KEY-Focusing on the Big Issues
When 3% is taken from one side and given to the other, that is a 6% difference. That would swing most political elections in the USA.

Because the Elite purposely DIVIDE Americans to distract us from their stealing us blind and enslaving us under World government with no Bill of Rights, often elections are won by less than 4%.

Assuming even 75% solidarity of Americans voting ONLY for candidates who pledge support for the middle class and Election Funding Reform, that would mean about 4% of registered voters could CHANGE THE WORLD and start winning the Class War declared on them.

Assuming 3% would vote together, Independently, there would be strong LEVERAGE to push Parties toward our cause. The greed of some of the powerful causes them to adapt to any group with power.

The Political parties have long removed other parties as a threat by "co-opting" their platforms and solutions, then often promptly ignoring them after election. (ie: LYING and fraud).

So, we don't even need a political party. "We don' need no stinking party". We just need to DELAY our Bickering to Focus on what's Important!

Obviously NO contributions can go to a Party! Give ONLY to AGREED Candidates pledging and BONDING their word on support of United Citizens' solutions/ goals.

Voting in the Marketplace of commerce can have similar affect, by similar methods, including pledges of support. If they are not FOR US, they are obviously AGAINST US.

WARNING and Conclusions Regarding Importance of the Swing Vote:

Anything likely effective against the ruthless and powerful can be expected to be attacked in the Media and every other way. Ignore them. There will be accusations of criminal influence(which is what THEY do), and no telling what. Expect it. Ignore it.

The most important thing involved is SOLIDARITY. Stock together, Compromise, find the best or the least worst compromise and EVERYBODY vote the same way, IF pledges are obtained to support the American Public and the Constitution to protect our RIGHTS and privacy.

So that's the way you do Solution #1. Use THEIR methods against them, and EXPOSE their methods used against ua to control the government toward Un-American actions and undermine USA's Founding Principles (which may constitute a crime of subversive Sedition, or AT LEAST undue influence and Conflict of Interest, especially in the Suprreme Court).



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Understanding the Ruling Elite and their goals to rule the world under a guise of bringing peace.

NOTE: Until April 2014, we are NOT SOLICITING funds in ANY State. We can not stop you from donating, but we are not soliciting. (Such would go to purposes of this site).

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“ I'm a charter contributor because this is long overdue. It took me 20 years to figure out how our government was taken over to use against us, and another 5 to learn that we have to all pull together and put our other differences aside into other forums for a little while. Politicians and talking heads are baiting us, and calling the good guys the bad guys. I've learned that most of the people controlling your government, who stole your government-- are FRAUDS."
- Ben D. , Chief Operating Officer of a small Corporation


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