Americans Abused by a Ruling Elite who Hi-Jacked their Government

We only Work FOR YOU --- For the interests of Mainstream Middle-Americans.

Average Americans have been Abused and under attack for 50 years since our government was STOLEN by the 0.001% Ruling Elite

Americans defended and protected the world for nearly 100 years now.

We're attacked from the side and above by bloated Bureaucracies at 4 levels, Poverty Pimps and Protection Sellers (politicians) brought to you by the Republican and Democratic Parties controlled by Special Interests and the Elites.

We're attacked from the top by a corrupted bloated Federal Government hijacked by the Elites mostly used against us.

We are attacked from above by Giant Corporations beating down workers in their Quest to Rule the World aided by the Super Rich and Powerful WHO HAVE NO NATIONAL LOYALTY. In fact they have declared a goal to END Nations and national sovereignty as any power, in favor of themselves ruling the world.

We are attacked from below by the lazy, the unskilled and outright bums who have no interest in working whatsoever PLUS the growing ranks of those who are Wounded in war, made sick from BAD MEDICINE (200,000 are KILLED per year by bad doctors, hospitals and drugs), and otherwise injured or victims of the New Global Plantation who want to work but CAN'T FIND A JOB (Blame that on the Elites and Bad Leaders).

The Elites are capable of fixing most of this, as they race to THEIR goals, well along, which are NOT aligned with the prosperity and welfare of ALL Americans. In other words, if the Elites applied their proven skills and power to fix America instead of beating down labor and liabilities, we would not have these problems. So they are guilty TWO ways, when doing the OPPOSITE. (NOTICE: This does not mean ALL rich nor all the powerful)

We're not against the Rich or Business. We're against the Super Rich and Multi-Nationals who actively subvert USA as a Nation and SAID SO.

We deserve a Break, but We are under a state of Class Warfare declared by the Elites

(We better do more than complain or IT'S OVER for us in 5 years). picture

We paid huge costs in money and people to defend much of the world, in SIX major wars and 3 smaller ones, all over the world. It cost massive money to build bases around the world, from Korea and Japan, to Turkey, Iraq and Afghanistan. All over Europe, even in the Indian Ocean, which we, though Broke, still maintain.

We paid for and loaned (most never paid back) for rebuilding much of Europe, and Japan, and other countries. We bought friends and paid foriegn aids to various countries and gave medical aid and Peaace Corps.

We PAID for most of the United Nations forces and efforts and food programs around the World.

Likewise we paid for most of NATO and furnished almost ALL the equipment and planes.

We paid for most of the International Space Station and costs to resupply it and keep it going.

Whether Korea, Viet Nam, or Iraq, it is always going to be for 2 years, which turns out at least a decade. In the case of Korea, now 60 years. Likewise in Germany and England, we keep bases. The American Tax payer has funded and furnished manpower and weapons to be the World's Army, Navy and Savior during rebuilding over and Over, each time benefiting our big corporations

In some cases, like Indonesia and South America, we funded and aided despotic mass murderers.

If that was not enough, we built the industrial technology and most of the main designs and inventions now given to dangerous dictatorships like China. You can pretend they are friends, but they simply proceed with their cultural manner of "Iron Face, Black Heart". Read the book. They have been building semiconductors for electronics in our weapons and planes. Yes, your government is run by idiots. Don't give em more money. Don't give the Parties anything.

Turf-building is rampant. People don't know we have 1000 Admirals for 375 surface combat ships. That is reversed from WW 2, when there were 3500 ships and 350 Admirals. It is the same with Generals, and it is a huge turf-building machine for cushy retirements. It is worse with cozy deals between goverment and insiders, big contractors and law firms, like those running much of NSA. The main NSA contractor is a CFR member! It's about CONTROL, POWER and MONEY. Security is a convenient cover. Know the methods used against you.

Once we invented most everything, corporations took over the government by influence, to create favorable trade agreements to allow them to use cheap labor abroad with few regulations. They then pushed out our technology to our enemies and economic competitors, and also our industrial base. Of course this is INSANE for anyone that knows anything about strategic power and military vulnerability. They want to believe everything is wonderful because they invented "interdependence for peace" and nobody better tell them it is past its usefulness and a clear and present danger to the USA.

If that were not enough, while our factories, inventions, know-how, technology and jobs were being exported, we had to continue paying tons of Foreign Aid, to the tune of 100 Billion per year, plus other foreign funding.

Then with all the Bubbles Bursting (1975, 84, 91, 2000, 2007) and so many people losing tons in the stock market, caused by government knowingly creating bubbles by bad regulation allowing over-extension, to the points of collapse. WE CITIZENS had to suffer all that.

Meanwhile the Vampires-- States, Counties, Schools and Federal Taxation have been sucking us dry by taxes of which half are WASTED. The schools certainly don't teach much. The state does little but welfare and imprisonment, half of which is preventable with better upbringing, schooling and training. Two thirds of those imprisoned are not violentand could be on ankle monitors to work and take care of families.

In the late 60's, the War on Poverty began Poverty Pimp Government encouraging not working, and unwed and single household welfare families by policies that ended two-parent families necessary to teach values of commitment, education and responsibility and adaption to society to get a decent job. Between the economic recessions and that, taxes jumped at the state and county levels and even the Feds.

Immigration policies favored cheap foreign labor, where once again business interests acted for strictly their interests, usually against laws forbidding hiring known illegals. This created pressures on housing and real estate and more tax burden when also universal emergency care in hospitals for indigents was passed by Ronald Reagan, who also set NAFTA trade and the War on Drugs in motion. (Drug crime became more violent, created by the War on Drugs. Safe regualte alternatives should have been created. )

At the same time, Education costs soared, especially for College, especially the last 30 years. While most things are up about 4 times, College costs are up 10 times!

THEN, the Ruling Elites & Multinationals took over to Hammer down Labor, Regulations and Liability while avoiding Taxes off-shore in a modern Colonialism: At the heart of all this, was the Corporate and CFR's handy Slogan "Interdependence for Peace". Though true in part at one point, that out-dated over-used policy has dictated our entire foreign and domestic policies for now over 40 years. It is their excuse to subvert America and others as Nations, to put down America's Founding principles and neutralize antions' power and sovereignty.
Don't you get it? THEY want to be the Kings and Queens, to END democratic countries' lowly peons being in charge (if they ever were).

Their history, traits, story and dangerousness to YOU is at the page "Power Grabbers"- The Ruling Elite.



Our Philosophy

How about we citizens help each other for a change?
Quit believing these idiots and power mongers are in it for anything but themselves.

We work ONLY for Middle Americans.
Come help us and see how self-empowerment WORKS!








93% of all Income gains were by the Top 1%
(most of the rest by those above the middle class)

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“ I'm a charter contrubutor because this is long overdue. It took me 20 years to figure out how our government was taken over to use against us, and another 5 to learn that we have to all pull together and put our other differences aside into other forums for a little while. Politicians and talking heads are baiting us, and calling the good guys the bad guys. I've learned that most of the people controlling your government, who stole your government-- are FRAUDS."
- Ben D. , Chief Operating Officer of a small Corporation


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