Methods used by the Power Elite to Take your Rights & Nation

Uniting Citizens to Help EACH OTHER Restore our Government as Intended, that made us Great.

Propaganda, Division, Confusion, Distraction, Misdirection
Their Organization-Planning, Military strategy, Economic Power,
Control of government, military, Multi-Nationals, Big Media

They think you are simple-minded sheep.
Until you figure out--- how Out-Smarted,
Out-Resourced you are-
YOU don't have a chance

Their GOAL:
A Global Corporatocracy Modeled on CHINA
WEAKENING Nations by Treaties superceding RIGHTS & Constitutions

Compare the Sheep's Simple-Minded thinking to the Sophisticated thinking and methods of the Power Elite.
Until you realize how you are under attack and your taxes and purchasing power are used against you, you don't have a snowballs' chance in hell of having a better life.

The Power Elite focus on POWER,
Consolidating it on Five Fronts:

I. Confusion - Disinformation - Propaganda - Demonizing- Dividing- Opinion Control:

Control Public Opinion -

Manipulate the Sheeple using "Useful Idiots" (Soviet KBG Method)
(ex-KBG explained "Useful Idiots": Journalists, Academia, Liberals )

Wrest control of main information sources-Big Media News, shows.

Purpose: To keep citizens:

  • In-Fighting, Confused- most of all-- DIVIDED
  • Misinformed,
  • Believing politicians are "Trying",
  • ... that candidates are "Ours",
  • ... that elections are honest,
  • ... That the two Parties represent us,
  • ... Entertained - Distracted
  • ... Subject to Laws they can't understand

Baiting the extreme right and left to FIGHT, to sew DIVISION among us.
Bait, Oppress, Stress-out, Divide & Conquer
Patriots are BAITED to Violence - what the Elites hope for: MARTIAL LAW.

Demonizing Nationalism to destroy unifying culture and identity- to create division and lack of closeness with fellow citizens, distrust of others.

Demonizing Groups & Extremists to distract from Common Interests of Most (ie: Stopping Ruling Elites - theft of Nation)

Touting World Cooperation and Trade Agreements for Peace & Prosperity which always benefit Elites, with constant far flung "Police Actions". Boogeymen they created help them consolidate security powers, spying and strengthen NATO (their military).

Claiming Nationalism of citizens causes wars, but Crazy LEADERS start wars to distract people from internal problems.

TRADE AGREEMENTS are TREATIES EQUAL TO THE CONSTITUTION (the only loophole weakness in the Constitution- they EXPLOIT! )

Deceptions and Distortions: to sway public opinion and REMOVE OPPOSITION, usually to Wars and to erosion of Rights.

Ridicule of any who question anything- always snicker with "oh, a conspiracy".

Propaganda -
  • frequent positive coverage of things they want you to support
  • Misdirection -
  • Deceptive Omissions of acts against your interests-of Subversive Sedition, of relevant facts & factors. (Example: NSA Snowden's whistleblower aspects never mentioned, never compared to a real spy.
  • Incomplete pictures of situation, DISTORTION leaving a false impression (stacked in favor of their goals)
  • Faking of News.
  • Setting False Priorities
  • Vouching for, to legitimize cohorts like Big Pharma, Heavy Pharmaceuticals for young people (95% of Foster Children in Texas are on psychotropics)
IMAGE of PROTECTOR (A Tyrant always comes first as a Protector - Plato)
Cloaking in Popular Causes

"Reframing" - Renaming the malevolent into acceptable .

  • Eugenics changed to reducing population (See Ted Turner on Youtube laughing about how "population control" was changed to "planned parenthood" to be "more acceptable")
  • Colonialism (taking over and coercing countries for slave labor and their resources) changed to "Increased Trade by Free Trade Agreements".
  • Empire Building becomes Peace Keeping and Trade

Distracting: When the economy busts or news about power grabbing excesses (NSA) comes out, they put up Distractions (or war) or Warnings (Terror Alerts right after NSA spying exposed), and LIE about how effective their spying on Citizens has been to "protect" them. (manufactured problems to sell protection (mafia))

Proven Psychological Methods of the Invisible Hand
  • Gradualism: With very long term goals, civil unrest is avoided by "Gradualism"- YOU are the frog in the water being heated. Psychological Siege.
  • Behind the scenes Back room deals (like ALEC and Trade Agreements passed without debate under "Fastrack" Rules. !
  • Gradual hidden changing of laws in "harmonization" which removes CHOICE and takes lawmaking OUT of the hands of citizens
  • See UN Laws harmonization for One World government- research
  • Pressure on key Officials of Governments to go along (money, membership, careers).
  • Brainwashing Propaganda to Accept Their Power, Give UP your Rights for a little safety.
  • Create Problems to Sell Protection in exchange for RIGHTS (War on Terrorism, PRISM-NSA)(like the Mafia sells protection in rackets)
    WHAT Ben Franklin WARNED YOU!

Token "co-opting" of opposition ideas (Parties do this also): Adopting, absorbing and Pretending part of ideas are theirs, then NOT doing what was promised. (and buying cooperation)


II. Organization, Planning, Strategy, Elite membership, Siege & Gradualism:

A highly-organized country club and study-planning group you can't belong to in high positions you can't hold:
  • Only "Superior" people, Highly-Educated, some Super Wealthy and "The Power Elite"
  • are invited - allowed to participate in the ELITE CLUB, the 0.001% (3000 core members)
  • Formal Organizations and Elite associations-Institutes and Powerful Connections/Referrals
  • Researched Written plans, guided by Experts in Wealth and Power

They help each other with Solidarity.

Those who oppose them can not rise to top positions. They see that their people are Promoted.

Using Military, Security and Political Techniques:
  • Divide and Conquer, Demonize- Propaganda against Citizens who try to unify.
  • Long Siege to weaken enemy (The people)
  • Long Term Plans & Strategy based on Research and Study (50 year plans)
Unified Thinking & Purpose (Group think with minor dissent) and Cooperation- Their own
  • against "Nationalism" (ie: your nation and your rights guaranteed by it) to be subverted to a World Corporatocracy like China;
  • FOR their common goals;
  • With coordinated Action Plans, Propaganda & Power Building.
  • Often benefitting economically usually through Multi-National Holdings, knowing & controlling outcomes around the world

III. Economic Power:

Their plans reflect elements of Modern Sophisticated FASCIST COLONIALISM - a business- military-finance-banking complex, but without Nationalism (a key element of Fascism).
GOAL: A GLOBAL CORPORATOCRACY Modeled on CHINA, they have said.
  • Own or control the biggest corporations and build their power and markets.
  • Control Mega Multi-National Corporations independent of countries to pit Nation against Nation to lowest wages, to evade taxes, regulation, liability & Safety-Environment Standards
  • Focus on Corporations that thrive on War Reconstruction, Oil (control), Health (pharma), Food (chemicals, seed, grains), Finance-Banking (control over countries-must participate), Weapons & Military Transport (then increase foreign wars)
  • Build military power, THEIR assets of USA and Mega Corporations
  • Eliminate competition from new smaller businesses.
  • Partnering:
  • Incentivize Foreign Leaders to Enter their Elite club, coercively, to become Cronies
  • Coerce small countries by Banking, Trade, Financing, CIA destabilization threats.
  • Help Multi-National corporations avoid tax.
  • Back room deals, making laws to favor Large Corporations
  • Shifting Taxes and Commitments toward Foreign-NATO, World Bank, IMF, UN, Foreign Investment Guarantee Corp.

IV. The Power Elites Take control of state security & intelligence, military, Courts, police forces, Heads of Federal Departments, Control of Senate & President, Government & Research-Policy Institutes using YOUR taxes:

  • Control the Military & State Security & Intelligence Apparatus
  • Remove Citizen Control over Military by Putting it Under Foreign Unaccountable Bodies (NATO, UN) (This was a key goal of Bilderbergers at the 1966 Meeting and to create Crisis for NATO)
  • Install Key positions in the Government: Senate and Supreme Court Swing votes
  • Make sure that officials and Legislators have MORE INCENTIVE to help them than Citizens
  • Pre-select and own the President
  • Increase gathering of banking, vital & personal private information
  • Control funding of Research and Institutes, to coerce to research they want, use
  • Install heads of every Federal Department, Most Governors
  • Control key state media information outlets (PBS Charlie Rose, now The World Channel etc.)
  • OWN and Control the profitable Military-Industrial (expensive) complex
  • Increasing surveillance and monitoring of private and financial information
  • Create War Powers then create Long term War (War on Terror)(Bath tubs or pillows kill more people than Terrorists)
  • Create Emergency Powers then Create Emergency
  • Use Crime and Unauthorized Power-Racketeering to Seize assets, perks to ICE friends
  • Militarize the Police
  • Establish increasing Gun Controls to remove parity of People with government
  • Control powerful Criminal forces (mafia, Big Banking)
  • Deny justice and Court Access - Dis-enfranchise: dissidents, the very poor, Imprison or give a "criminal record" no matter how trivial or no real victim.
  • Take away Habeas Corpus (to avoid full hearing on authority to imprison)
  • Create Bogeymen Bad Guys to sell protection (Saddam, Noriega, Bin Ladin (were our guys))
  • Create or prolong Fake Wars (when better solutions can be found) (Terrorism, Drugs, Poverty) If we didn't meddle, there'd be no terrorism. Suffocation in bed kills more people.
  • Pass laws requiring Increasing Information on Citizens (income, Banking, Tracking (location), medical records, associations-who you communicate with, what you do (internet activity))
  • Destroy National Culture/Heritage to destroy Nationalism (stated goal, Bilderberg 1966 Meeting)
  • Bring Dangerous Foreigners into Nations to Require More Surveilliance & make EVERYTHING NATIONAL SECURITY
    (can't question, all a secret, indefinite detention)

V. Weaken Opposition (CITIZENS) Physically, Mentally, Numbers:

  • Dumb Down the population - especially by Public Schools and Entertainment media/ Cultural decay
  • Weaken and destroy Cultural unity - National Identity.
  • Destroy all knowledge and history of Heritage and Respect for Founding Fathers and Founding Principles of Nation (demonize them)
  • Avoid National Founding Principles at all cost
  • Weaken the Constitution - Erode Rights, make treaties to weaken Constitution
  • Means to install genes and chemicals via crops (that actually shrink,weaken brains)
  • Pesticides and estrogenic effeminizing-weakening chemicals in environment - fast and packaged foods
  • Control people's mental state and health (drugs, pharmaceuticals, psychotropic drugs
  • Weaken citizens' wealth, strength, vigor, knowledge, assets
  • Misinform public (See Propaganda section)
  • Keep in state of struggle, exhaustion, mentally distracted, too tired and hopeless to try.
  • Constantly work to DISARM citizens and make all thoughts of resistance CRIMINAL and National Security
  • Regardless of your stance on Guns, It is a FACT of HISTORY that all conversions of people to victims of the state were preceded by DISARMING citizens. There is a REASON that Englishmen sought and had the right to "bear arms".

Then there are Defenses of the Elite Power-Mongers (and their defenders Big Media) - when people suspect or accuse:

  • Attack the messenger (ad hominem-against the person to divert from the subject-issues.)
  • RIDICULE: "Ohh so you are saying there is a big conspiracy to ... " always with a chuckle and snicker.
  • Use Ad Hominem attacks against the person, not the substance
  • partitioning, plausible deniability (I didn't know)
  • finger-pointing (not my job, they somebody else did it) (especially good with Allies, and Federal -State matters)
  • Ignore and
  • Distract - create a security crisis
  • Threaten the accuser
  • Harrass and Charge Criminally or claim "investigating" to destroy your ability to function

Summary of Psychological Methods and Purposes:


According to sociologist Hadley Cantril in his 1967 book, The Human Dimension – Experiences in Policy Research: [Government] “psycho-political operations are propaganda campaigns designed to create perpetual tension and to manipulate different groups of people to accept the particular climate of opinion the CFR seeks to achieve in the world.”

Canadian writer Ken Adachi (1929 – 1989) added: “What most Americans believe to be ‘Public Opinion’ is in reality carefully crafted and scripted propaganda designed to elicit a desired behavioral response from the public.”

And noted Australian academic and activist Alex Carey (1922 – 1988) explained the three most important 20th century developments: “The growth of democracy, the growth of corporate power, and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy.”



They are so over-extended abroad, like Rome, England and Spain, that they can't do any of it well. They are ARROGANT. They do GROUP THINK. They underestimate the abilities of many of the Commoners.

TO THEM: -- We've FIGURED YOU OUT --- WHO you are, WHAT you do, HOW you do it.
And we KNOW it is Unconstitutional and UN-American, meant to ENSLAVE.

Conclusions Regarding Methods of The Power Elite's Power:

  • Read it.
  • Understand it.
  • Don't be "simple-minded".
  • Don't be distracted.
  • Don't be baited to argue Religion and Spending when you have NOTHING to do with it (yet).
  • UNITE ! Join Hands in UNITY on these BIG Issues: People stealing your rights, power and nation. That is United-Citizens. You CAN donate, but we can't ASK you until Apr. 2014.
  • Understand each technique used against you, ESPECIALLY PROPAGANDA - subtle but Always Distorting, with "token" citizens articles to deceive you.
  • Be ready to Back us up and Give when we complete registrations
  • Spread the Word,
  • Join in our Citizens' National Alert System (being designed)
  • Turn OFF Big Media, except Rarely to keep an eye on them.
  • Dump their ADVERTISERS.
  • Identify WHO are the companies in the CFR and some say don't buy from them.
  • Build Intelligence on the BAD GUYS corrupting our government.
  • Expose and seek Prosecution of them for seditious Subversion and other crimes as applicable, as possible.
  • All the other PEACEFUL Solutions and Reforms to counter this GroupThink Subversion designed to Put Down America's founding principles.

Please Help by taking our Survey or Send us Suggestions or Corrections.

Understanding the Ruling Elite and their goals to rule the world under a guise of bringing peace.

General Methods How The .01% Control

NOTE: Until April 2014, we are NOT SOLICITING funds in ANY State. We can not stop you from donating, but we are not soliciting. (Such would go to purposes of this site).

You can but we can't Ask you till April 2014.

YOU should have YOUR OWN plan, research and CITIZEN News and Information and UNITY to Counter this. That is United-Citizens.

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“ I'm a charter contributor because this is long overdue. It took me 20 years to figure out how our government was taken over to use against us, and another 5 to learn that we have to all pull together and put our other differences aside into other forums for a little while. Politicians and talking heads are baiting us, and calling the good guys the bad guys. I've learned that most of the people controlling your government, who stole your government-- are FRAUDS."
- Ben D. , Chief Operating Officer of a small Corporation

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