Solution #8-Citizens' Communications & Freedom News Reporting Unbiased Pro-Citizen News, High Speed Alerts & Vital & Secure Information & Communications Network

Controlling Government by PLANS & Peaceful Action, not Hot Air.

DUMP Biased Establishment Big Media & City Newspapers!
Build OUR OWN.
PUNISH News media for their 50 years of Secret BETRAYAL of AMERICA

Don't be Naive. You watch PROPAGANDA! It's not unbiased News Reporting. But you DO NOTHING ABOUT IT. Get SERIOUS:

Propaganda is a WEAPON. It is a MILITARY Weapon. Being Used against you by the New World Order & Friends.

When Corrupters-Hijackers of Government USE TAXES AGAINST YOU, it's time to END their Control & Propaganda ON LAW ABIDING CITIZENS. Governments are NOT to be targeting normally Law-abiding people. THEY KNOW THIS! It is INTENTIONAL.
And when News Media constantly decieve and Distort, they're FRAUDS, not just selling you LIES, but USING information AS A WEAPON against us to aid their Rich Powerful Benefactors, the Ruling Elite. It is DOUBLY Traitorous and Dangerous. Our NATION is in Shambles, to prove it.
It Truely is INFOWARS (TM of Alex Jones. He IS right about the name.)

WRONG INFORMATION has COST US OUR COUNTRY AND RIGHTS! Near Gone. From wars we should have NEVER gone into (Vietnam, Iraq 2 times (we baited Saddam the first time), to Bosnia) -- it was all helped along by Big Media News. Be SURE to see the Video Collage on the Home Page to understand this.

Like horrible Leaders, who cost us TRILLIONS: News Media, like the Parties.. NEED TO BE FIRED! and Replaced.

We need to HIRE and REWARD our OWN News Media - Journalists who SERVE CITIZENS.

The propaganda is usually subtle, but PERVASIVE. NBC, CBS, CNN, even PBS are strongly PRO GLOBAL GOVERNMENT and follow the NWO Line in much of their reporting. They nearly ALWAYS back the current Administration toward COLLECTIVISM - at expense of INDIVIDUALS.
They back Globalism to aid Giant Corporations like GE, who don't even pay an Alternative Minimum tax, usually no taxes on Billions made overseas.

We LOVE NATO, but NOT when it serves Elites' Global Government Plan only. When the CFR wants war to keep NATO strong (sounds good, but NATO is a NWO military arm not subject to USA control), MSM network Nes always gets behind them.

We've been fed 5 out of 6 bad leaders, some HORRIBLE (Carter, Obama) some just bad (GW Bush, a fair person, not a great leader). The Damage to our country and way of life is TRILLIONS of Dollars used mostly AGAINST YOU! It's time to put 1% (or even .1%) of that amount into DEFENDING YOURSELF & COUNTRY! by OUR OWN NEWS MEDIA.

Isn't it time you KNEW who you could TRUST, and weren't DECEIVED by Traitors to YOU, weaponizing Information?

THEY TREAT YOU LIKE MUSHROOMS-- Keep you in the Dark and Feed you Crap, Contantly.
A key to Changing this is a CITIZEN'S News & Communications Network.

If you can't pitch in $20 to Turn this Around, STOP complaining. There are ways to help United-Citizens get the word out and hopefully get our STRONG LEGAL ARM STARTED (to be a separate entity, like NAACP's LDF fund). We can accept donations - but Until 501(3)(C) registered we can't ASK for donations

8.1) Citizens' News & Journalism Coalition - REPLACE MSM Main Stream Media news.
Start telling others to Prepare to Set up & Support Citizen's News & Journalists.

We can do this OURSELVES, rating and rewarding the BEST Citizen Journalists, and those in MSM who Help Citizens.
This migbt be a merger or aid to some existing news sources who PLEDGE to support CITIZENS - yes, more Citizen Individuals coverage.
Patriotic balance to NWO news.

The byword is FACTUAL, UNBIASED, HARD HITTING,and Focused on Citizens CONTROLLING OUR GOVERNMENT, and get it to PERFORM for us, like a Legal Defense Arm.
This starts by sending Links to friends, and Retweeting on Twitter.

This will take time, money, educating, planning, promoting & recruiting of good leadership and good reporters and writers.

A good Approach might be CROWD FUNDING, to get Citizens helping each other.

We need SOLID dependable investigative reporting about Agencies mismanagement, turf-building, plans to deprive our rights.
We need better investigation of Candidates, who is hand-picking them, what are their tendencies (like Obama, to buy votes and engage, like apparently Jeb Bush in Florida in Bush's election, in vote rigging).
We need info about when Officials over-step authority and ignore the Constitution.
We need to focus on WHO is buying candidates Elections and BOYCOTT and EXPOSE them, like Michael Bloomberg running ads to aid a Congressman who turned against gun rights.

We need reporters to investigate and listen for whistle blowers who are credible, especially when they reveal crimes and acts against our rights and publish interests.

8.2) Citizens' Rapid Priority Communications Alerts

Obviously we need to INFORM & EDUCATE each other by Sharing Links, Retweeting important information, such as THIS website and others, and informative news on Twitter and elsewhere. That we'll call Level 1 or Yellow (Y)

For Higher-Level Alerts & Messaging YOU NEED YOUR OWN Alert & Message System for High Priority Citizen Messages ONLY for YOU.
There would be Information Alerts and Action Alerts (Notices for Protest place, Complaints & FOIA's, boycotts, letter-writing, etc..)

Most of that can be accomplished by existing Messaging systems such as Google Message,Yahoo Message,Twitter DM, Digsby(connects different systems), AOL AIM, ICQ, and others. The how-to's on those would be posted on an instructions page.

Activist citizens interested in Restoring the Constitution to Original Intent eventually need their OWN Messaging system, a truly private with encryption. This might be in the form of a separate non-profit for the Public Good.

The purpose is NOT to Conspire any illegal action or armed action-- but only organized association and citizen action to know what government is doing and return control of it.

Start by helping us promote the idea, and educate!
Share this Website Link! RT our Tweets.

There are several types of Information and Messaging in a Messaging system.

  • Knowledge vital to all citizens to know their Constitution, rights & Heritage.
  • Alerts to activities appearing intended to take away our rights and country by the NWO.
  • Alerts to events, meetings and need for policy setting.
  • Developing policies and polls as to support for them.
  • Secure email & one-on-one private network encrypted communications (because it's nobody's business what lawful citizens do or talk about).
  • NATION WIDE ALERT SYSTEM for developing news or dangers.
Secure network development and protection/ security, anti virus.
HELP US GET STARTED to Promote and Educate so People will BACK IT! !

Conclusions Regarding a Citizens' Communication & Alerts Network:

IOt's time we became UNITED & coordinated with our common goals and shared vital news and information, and knowledge like this site, and of attacks on Citizens, populist and grass-roots efforts.

It is TIME we became INDEPENDENT of the NWO Propaganda Machine and informed each other of news and ideas to control government and expose Elites' corrupt methods..

It's time we rewarded Reporters who WANT to work for the people. Information is vital. A good messaging, alerts and news/headlines system is vital to our freedom.

Spread the Methods and Goals around. Name and hold Corrupt Officials and Power Grabbers Accountable. Get the goods on them. EXPOSE THEM. Coordinate swing voting block decisions, progress on politician's support of us, and new party formation action. Learn WHO we should support. Learn WHO and HOW the plans to enslave us are going. Get some INFO & Communications POWER.

Understanding the Ruling Elite and their goals to rule the world under a guise of bringing peace.

NOTE: Until April 2014, we are NOT SOLICITING funds in ANY State. We can not stop you from donating, but we are not soliciting. (Such would go to purposes of this site).

You may Help, but we can't ask until April 2014

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Website Goes Up
First rough draft goes up, ready for content and testing improvements.


26 July 2013 | 2 comments
Website taking shape
Website gets formatting, key evidence of Hi-Jacking of government to top of the homepage. The About Us page is expanded to tell who we are not, who we wish to expose.



“ I'm a charter contributor because this is long overdue. It took me 20 years to figure out how our government was taken over to use against us, and another 5 to learn that we have to all pull together and put our other differences aside into other forums for a little while. Politicians and talking heads are baiting us, and calling the good guys the bad guys. I've learned that most of the people controlling your government, who stole your government-- are FRAUDS."
- Ben D. , Chief Operating Officer of a small Corporation


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