Our Middle Class
fell from #1 to #27

in 30 years

Citizens have been Under ATTACK from ALL sides for 50 years. Enough! - They've awakened "a SLEEPING GIANT". We've taken abuse-
carried the load- saved the World-- but up to a point. That point is past.


The Super Rich & Powerful Divide & Distract us to use government against
Middle Americans

Our rights, jobs and power are - attacked by a tiny 0.01% and
Big Media lapdogs. They are NOT your friend. We Expose deceptions.


Extremists-Parties-Media-Politicians DIVIDE us.
Corporatists Export Jobs-and Write our Laws

We're BAITED to Argue, while a Tyrannical Group erodes rights, beats down labor, fights ALL regulation.


The Founders Warned us of Power Grabbers, and to Keep Government as they Intended and Said

We will PROVE you were DEFRAUDED, your Government
Hi-Jacked to use AGAINST YOU.


Powerful Selfish Interests Corrupted and Hi-Jacked your Government.
Take Back Your Power

Exercise your POWER before it's too late!
Reach across the aisle on issues important to ALL Americans


Reach Across the Aisle on Problems that Harm and Endanger ALL Citizens.

They think you're CLUELESS. Can you understand? To Restore BALANCE of POWER takes ideas, knowledge of rights, history, and power--and joining hands like Ben Franklin urged: "Join or Die".


The 0.01% run the Parties, Media, Big Corps, Banking and YOU -- soon the World with NO Bill of Rights

Secret Courts and Total Spying make Everything "National Security". DON"T Fall for it - It's a TRAP! Rights Shall not be abridged".


We're near the end of a
50-year plan for world government with Two Classes: Peons & Rulers.

No one believed it until lately. It's why the parties and government fail us, spending 25% of funds on Foreign Ventures

Citizens Helping EACH OTHER Restore the Middle Class, American Principles.
A Citizen Power Educational Association
to Help Average Citizens Control Government.

To Restore Opportunity - we must restore our Power.
Our problems stem from NO control over government.
Parties are a Duopoly - Candidates Pre-Selected - A Fraud - They don't work for us.

Super-Elites run your Government and look on citizens as incapable of governing, as Sheeple.
Too often they're RIGHT. Most people have NO CLUE what's happening, less what to do about it.

We Find, Teach and Aid -- Solutions like these:


Middle American Voting Block: Voter power by independence with solidarity for candidates who pledge help for Middle Americans

More Info


To Publicly-Funded, No Party Control, Anyone with signatures, 5 Stages,like League of Women Voters, Disclosure of Influence

More Info


Power to Acquit for ANY reason-We HAVE; Power to call Grand Jury to investigate Corruption (Self-policing doesn't work); End of Prosecutor Control. Prosecutor accountability.

More Info


Small Business Incentives/ stimulus. Enforce Corporate duties to Commonwealth /End Legislation-writing; Repeal if influenced- Charter loss for graft-deception-harm to USA. Citizen Earning/Saving Power -

More Info


Restoration of Habeas Corpus in ALL Citizen cases. Judicial Misconduct-Citizen Review; No Court Fees. No Dismissals of Pro Se Petition without hearing and findings by a JURY.

More Info


Gov't Pensions by Quality of Life Index; Whistleblowers & Reporters Legal Defense Fund-Big Bonus if find Misconduct or Acts against USA's Principles / Citizens.

More Info

Solely For the People, By the People
Solutions to Issues vital to Middle Americans.

In defense of Average Citizens' Interests and Power
Reach across the aisle on major issues, for the good of all.
We must STOP our "My guy can do no wrong" mentality..

The Parties, Politicians and Media SELL Divisiveness:
  • To aid the wealthy and influential who Rule,
  • To keep you confused, ignorant, tired and fighting each other,
  • Use Your Taxes against you, while distracting you from how they
  • Hi-Jacked & corrupted your government for their own purposes (rule the world).
Sound incredible? Power mongers are "like that", we PROVE - See Video Collage- Overview.

Liberals and Conservatives are NOT far apart on many vital issues.
We want MOSTLY the same things (but differ on how to get there):
Better more efficient effective government, less police state, more justice, better economy and jobs, ability to help those incapable of doing so for themselves (elderly-sick-afflicted-homeless)

Our THESIS: -- Our government is out of control, hi-jacked and corrupted, giving a Trillion dollars to Mega Banks to invest ABROAD, by wealthy special interests set on ruling a World Corporatocracy, aided by lapdog media/press.(most).
The powerful seek to be even MORE rich-MORE powerful, to be Rulers of the World.

CITIZEN POWER is both GOOD and necessary. (just don't abuse it like Unions, Multi-national Corporations, Politicians, Parties and Elites)

GOAL: Teaching of Citizen Power Principles, because Citizens are always abused, their rights taken, left confused-without hope of controlling government.
EXPOSING HOW you and your government are CONTROLLED! (See Sophisticated methods)

The Framers' Intended Balance of POWER: Citizens were to be the balance, the Fourth Branch of Government, the FINAL WORD, the Masters over public servants

We have the TOOLS for power:
Ideas, Free Speech, Votes, Juries, means to UNITE for SOLIDARITY Only for REFORMERS.
We EDUCATE citizens to organize, use power judiciously, and reward those who help THEM/You.
but we can't ask till Apr. 2014.-- We WORK FOR YOU and Nobody Else like NOBODY ELSE

We are fast losing rights: to privacy, "Access to fair Courts", to not be searched, brutalized and falsely imprisoned, to defend ourselves, to fair uncorrupted elections, to make a living. (corrupted elections serve special interests & attack America's principles- See Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 558 U.S. 310 (2010))

Those are Restored by EDUCATION and action.

We are devoted solely to Citizen Power and Vital Public Interests for:
  • Better More Efficient Government,
  • Election Funding Reform (Less Corporate, Wealthy and Party dominance)
  • Exposing Big Media propaganda and distortions that manipulate us on behalf of the Ruling Elite.
  • Access to Courts and Remedies,
  • Less Foreign Wars and meddling,
  • Strong but efficient National Defense (slight smaller, good weapons, less Admirals (Now have 3500 admirals for 350 ships)),
  • A Strong Bill of Rights to be strengthened, not weakened
  • Reduction of the new "Police State" (broad searches without warrant, checkpoints, police brutality, false convictions), and
  • Identifying the subversive Cabals and Collusion that seeks to put down USA's principles, people, rights and especially workers
  • Exposing the Ruling Elite's statements, goals and methods of increasing control and power over citizens to establish a Global Corporatocracy in their published plan to rule the World.
  • Exposing Methods the Elite use to CLOAK ulterior motives proven by how they benefit under guise of helping World Peace yet causing wars and aiding friends,
  • Accountability: Rooting out and prosecuting CORRUPTION-Malfeasance, Deprivation of Rights and obstruction of justice (common).

Finding REALISTIC SOLUTIONS to our economic and political problems. (for Platform planks- proposals).
SHOWING citizens HOW to restore our government to its intent and balance

We are NOT militant. We denounce use of arms to solve political problems, when plenty of alternate means to defend our rights and heritage remain.

We brought corrupt government on ourselves by neglect, ignorance, apathy and trusting power mongers and their propagandist media.

We promote ACCURACY of information, references, citations, PROOF, succinctness.

We solicit, evaluate and present:
  • 100 Best Good Ideas List - Rewards for
  • Best Proposed Amendments to Constitution

  • We are NOT "Citizens United",

    Fair Use Excerpts: Some image or video excerpts are under the Fair Use exception as non-fiction, public interest, non-profit, non-commercial educational excerpts for critical comment, citing and crediting authors, or licensed.

The Political Parties and Government
- are run by the Super-Rich & Powerful

This is NOT about Envy of the Rich.
It's about BAD, Corrupt Leaders & Officials
News: 80% of us sometime in poverty
Learn: WHO really runs this country
Learn: How this Power Elite Began
Learn: How to Identify Sheeple

Take Our SURVEY--What are Big Issues?

Big Media Lapdog Propaganda-TURN IT OFF

HOW does the .01% Control the USA?
Elites declared Class War on us in 1974.
"There's class warfare, all right, but it's my class, the rich class, that's making war, and we're winning." -- Warren Buffet

EXPOSING: Propaganda, Demonizing, Baiting, Manipulation, Inaccuracies, Fraud, Corruption, Oppression, Injustice, Misuse of Resources.
We're Independents, Workers, Middle Class picture Click detailed chart.
And ANYONE who believes in America.
In the tradition of Ben Franklin & Thomas Paine,
we print truth and pull citizens together.
We are NOT Anti-Business ! - Not a PAC
We are NOT "common law" Freemen (targets.)
We are NOT a tax protest- shelter organization.
We think taxes are misused.

Don't believe there's a problem?
Look at the Evidence.

The Other REASON we are in Trouble

TRUTH SQUAD on Whistleblowers & NSA Spying - Big media conceals:

Spies vs. Whistleblowers Compare.
Snowden-The Guardian Snowden explains.

Cheney does hatchet job on Snowden
Why is Cheney still a mouthpiece?
Congressmen LYING about Snowden

Ex Deputy FBI-CIA Director admits crimes of Officials Over-classifying - Knowingly Endangering Americans

  • WHY things keep getting worse for citizens.
  • HOW our government is corrupted and mostly FRAUDULENT.
  • WHY the Middle Class has fallen from #1 in the world to #27 in 30 years.
  • WHY our Guaranteed Protected Rights are not (now discretionary, optional).
  • HOW our government was Hi-Jacked by a subversive seditious Cabal who published their plan to "put down" America's principles.

We AVOID divisive issues unrelated to Better Government (Decoy issues to bait and divert us). Instead, focus on:
  • a better economy,
  • better jobs, quality of life - prosperity,
  • protection of Rights,
  • less idiocy and cronyism in government (revolving door deals aiding friends),
  • appreciation of business but not Unfettered abusive Corporatism by elites' control of Politicians using government power against us. (Our biggest issue- Corruption)

News at United Citizens

23 July 2013 | 5 comments
Website Goes Up
First rough draft goes up, ready for content and testing improvements.


26 July 2013 | 2 comments
Website taking shape
Website gets formatting, key evidence of Hi-Jacking of government to top of the homepage. The About Us page is expanded to tell who we are not, who we wish to expose.


"I'm a charter contributor because this is long overdue. It took me 20 years to figure out how our government was taken over to use against us, and another 5 to learn that we have to all pull together and put our other differences aside into other forums for a little while. Politicians and talking heads are baiting us, and calling the good guys the bad guys. I've learned that most of the people controlling your government, who stole your government-- are FRAUDS."
- Ben D. , Chief Operating Officer of a small Corporation


What we are about. Who we aren't.
We are YOU.

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